Coffee Date: Forget Me Not

I stopped by a small café near my home to compose a post for the series On Being Ill titled ‘A Canary in a Coal Mine’. Hidden at the Adelaide and Portland amongst a majority of residential condos and homes, this lovely little space offers plenty of coffees, tea and pastries, as well as homemade soups and sandwiches. The rustic space has beautiful farmhouse prints on the walls and dried flowers above the tables. The walls are lined with little gifts from local merchants for purchase.

I ordered a flat white made with almond milk which was so tasty that I returned to refill my cup. There are plenty of comfortable seating and outlets to charge laptops as you work, and a variety of den-like spaces to work in silent areas. The WIFI is fast and efficient and the service is lovely. My only difficulty was that I found the café to be quite chilly, and while I am always cold, I would recommend that those looking to enjoy a coffee or a conversation bring an extra sweater.

I will absolutely begin attending this little spot regularly.


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