Behind the Scenes: Deities Daughters

This collaboration led to one of the most exciting results so far! Our incredible team created a beautiful series that resulted in the cover of Imirage Magazine:

Neil Barbisan: Photographer


Charles Stevens: Hair Artist


Christina Pfaff: Makeup Artist


Jessica Tree: Model


Imirage Magazine

The first prompt for this shoot was when I came across a post on a facebook page by Jess, who was in search of models to collaborate with in duo shoots. Having seen Jess’ work (and if you haven’t yet I would absolutely encourage you to check out her Instagram page) I jumped at the opportunity.

We met in a cute cafe on the corner of Queen and Spadina called Butter Avenue for some tasty macaroons and pulled together some inspirational mood boards to present to prospect photographers, designers and artists. The original board represented a dark and light etherial look – we wanted to represent stories of Greek gods and goddesses in photographs. After a second Facebook post, we were able to reach out to Neil, Charles and Christina.

On the day of the shoot, everyone brought together their original input, the hair and the makeup, while based on our theme, were improvised on the day, and Neil had pulled some beautiful fabrics to play with on set.


It took approximately an hour an a half to for makeup and hair, and then we started shooting. Often times, it takes a few frames to get into the style we were hoping to capture, but this one was such a perfectly organized team that the images were stunning right away.

After the completion of the shoot, Neil submitted the images for publication. I was shocked that only a few minutes after applying, the images were accepted to Imirage magazine. A few weeks later, I was so excited to find myself on the cover of the print edition.


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