Behind the Scenes: A Simple Solution

On February 1st 2018, I had the opportunity to work alongside a wonderful team to shoot a spring wedding. This all-female production team included:

Sarah Marina: Makeup and Hair


Carmela Ferro: Videography


Raluca King: Photography


Hana Floral Designs and Co.: Floral arrangements


Fiir Designs: Bridal Accessories


Emma Cook: Location Coordinator

(Emma is primarily a wonderful musician)


The location for this shoot was actually nearby my house in the Bloordale region of Toronto. I walked down the quiet suburban streets through a long stretch of beautiful houses to reach the given address. (Of course, I arrive approximately half an hour early because Google Maps is a liar.) I waited no longer than a couple minutes when Sarah arrives with a box of pastries collected from a local bakery. I was pleasantly surprised as often times, I find productions do not offer any food despite the long hours. Or otherwise expect you not to take a break to fuel up. Over the course of the shoot, I actually had the luxury of slicing off a bite of every single one.

We set up in the kitchen of Emma’s beautiful home, which she had styled for our arrival. The flowers provided by Hana Floral Designs and Co. had been delivered the evening prior to our shoot and were scattered amongst the kitchen table. The wedding gowns were hung up ready to be steamed in the bathroom. Sarah told me that the night before the shoot she was scavenging around for gowns as the original piece we planned to use suddenly became unavailable. But thanks to the community, she managed to collect three absolutely stunning wedding gowns. Shortly after, Carmela arrived to begin capturing the behind the scenes of our shoot.

The inspiration for the day was ‘vintage blush’ – Sarah captured this vision perfectly with rosy cheeks, a pale lips, and a warm but natural eye. The look was completed with natural looking lashes and some mild bronzed contour. The dress we began with was a cream coloured bohemian dress which fit loosely but somehow captured our vision perfectly. Raluca provided jewellery by Fiir Desings to complete the style.

The original concept for the shoot included a male model, however after one hour of shooting there was no word of the scheduled models’ whereabouts: so we changed teams. Carmela got into the makeup chair and instead, we captured a beautiful lesbian bridal wedding.

I could not be more pleased with the results, I thoroughly enjoyed working with these lovely ladies (so much so that I already have wedding photos with Carmela) and would absolutely recommend reaching out to any of them if you are a bride-to-be.





For more images from this shoot, check out my Instagram:

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